Heavy Clay / Ceramic industries

Turn-key plants

One of Cleia’s strengths is its expertise and its capacity to supply turn-key industrial units: Brick works, roof tile plants or multi-product units.

We can build as well simple and efficient units as completely automated high-tech plants.



Roof-tile plants

World expert in supplying turn-key roof-tile plants, Cleia installs the best available technology, whether it is for drying, firing in water-seal or sand-seal kiln, firing on H or VFT® (Variable Firing Tray) supports or U-cassettes

Our handling circuits are among the most reliable and performing ones for the production of high quality roof-tiles and accessories.

CLEIA - Roof-tile plants

Facing products units

Shaping facing bricks and their accessories is an essential step to ensure the products final appearance. With our double-stage Multicut DS cutter, we can make high quality bevelled products with different sizes and colours developed when fired in our tunnel kilns.

Whether in regard to stiff extrusion or soft mud, we have a large number of reference plants in Europe, North Americas, Russia, Australia and South Africa.

Multi-product units

We have developed high value-added products units mainly comprising 4 families:

  • Facing plates
  • Facing bricks
  • Reinforcing pieces and angles
  • Floor tiles

Based on the quality of the product’s appearance and the variety of models, this unit provides products with trendy colours dyed in the mass, natural, white, ochre, brown… as well as coloured enamelled products.

CLEIA - Multi-product units

Brick works

We realize upgradeable plants for hollow bricks and vertical perforated building blocks. These new construction methods with large and insulating blocks, easy to implement, contribute to the improvement of housing.

  • Healthy and highly insulated housing complexes
  • Very quick and sturdy construction
  • Sustainable housing, comfortable for occupants.
CLEIA - Brick works