Automation and robotic

Automation is one of Cleia’s core business.

Beyond the passion which it generates within our teams, it is one of our assets. Indeed we design automatic lines for more than 50 years, and robotized lines for more than 25 years.

This strong experience combined with the fact that we continue to look for customized solutions, allows us to design and integrate modern technologies focused on the future.

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 Technological lines automation



Turnkey lines

We have built our experience in the heavy clay sector for which we build complete plants on all the continents.

We structured ourselves to achieve customized turnkey solutions, in many areas, for medium-sized projects up to 20 M€.

We are both designer and integrator. This global mastery of technologies allows us to ensure to our final customer high quality results and performances.

CLEIA - Turnkey lines

Automated production cells

Since 1990, we design automated productions cells to carry out all sorts of common and complex operations.

As we design our equipment, our capacity to couple machines and robots in a shared and optimized environment is our strength.

Thanks to our open dialogue systems, operators can set the parameters of robots and machines with the same ease.

Robotic opens new perspectives in a shared human-machine environment.

CLEIA - Automated production cells

Special machines

One of our lead issue is to help our clients to address emerging issues for which no answer is available on the market.

Cleia draws on its design office integrating all crafts connected with mechanics, thermal engineering and automation.

Thanks to our active listening, computing and modelling capacity, we can jointly consider all kinds of complete or collaborative automation.

CLEIA - Special machines

Product tracking and control

Cleia designs, develops and maintains customized software, derived from external software or of its own creation.

They are tools for data processing, follow up and reporting.

They allow to manage process, identify/control products at the various stages of the process and track all related information.

CLEIA - Product tracking and control